New Resources

The Alchemist Empoleon has been working in his laboratory and he’s come up with some new resources…

  • Phosphorus! After working to counter the dark and dangerous effects of Dark Elixir, he has concentrated the power of heaven into a brightly glowing ore that can be mined at your village. However to concentrate it to a point where it can counter the arcane power of Dark Elixir requires distillers.
  • Arcane Gems! The strange power of Gems has been harnessed to create Arcane Gems, a powerful resource that can be recharged at the Laboratory with Elixir and Gold.
  • Black Gold! Fusing Dark Elixir and Gold, the combined power of a noble metal and an arcane substance made it even more powerful than Dark Elixir itself. The gloopy metal is between solid and liquid and can destroy even the mightiest of foes with new spells.

That’s it for now… wait until you see the resulting troops and spells… he… he… he…


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